Bexitor (short for Basic Text Editor) is a simple, fast, lightweight, free, and open-source text editor for Windows, similar to Notepad, except with more features. It works on Windows XP and up (.net Framework 4.0 or newer is required.) I originally wrote Bexitor to learn Visual Basic, but it’s turned into more of a continued project, and I would consider it “completed” currently. New versions, however, are released semi-regularly. Bexitor has .txt and .rtf support, however it can display any file as long as it’s not a binary file such as .exe files. The Bexitor icons, and some of the program icons, were made by Nick Nakashima. Click the screenshot below for a full-size version. Because Microsoft hasn’t heard of Bexitor yet, you may get some warning about Bexitor being unrecognized. You can ignore this, Bexitor is perfectly safe.



Download Bexitor (installer) Download Bexitor (zip version)

Download Bexitor Source Code Download .net Framework 4.0

.net Framework 4.0 is required to run Bexitor, but it’s included in modern Windows versions, so it’s usually not neccesary to download.